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bộ điều khiển SHIHLIN PLC AX1N/AX0N/AX1S/AX2N-60MR-ES 40MR 24MT 14MR 32 48 64

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  • Mã sản phẩm: AX1N/AX0N/AX1S/AX2N-60MR-ES 40MR 24MT 14MR 32 48 64

  • Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Taiwan Shihlin PLC, compatible with Mitsubishi PLC    
    A1-24MR A1-32MR A1-40MR A1-60MR (discontinued)
    AX0N-24MR-ES AX0N-32MR-ES AX0N-40MR-ES AX0N-60MR-ES 
    AX0N-24MT-ES AX0N-32MT-ES AX0N-40MT-ES AX0N-60MT-ES 
    AX1N-24MR-ES AX1N-32MR-ES AX1N-40MR-ES AX1N-60MR- ES
    AX2N-24MR-ES AX2N-32MR-ES AX2N-40MR-ES AX2N-48MR-ES 
    AX2N-64MR-ES AX2N-80MR- ES AX2N-128MR-ES AX2N-64MT-ES 

    Shihlin PLC: AX1N-40MR-ES can replace AX0N-AX0N-40MR-ES or AX0N-32MR-ES

            AX1N-24MR-ES can replace AX0N-24MR-ES

    Product Introduction
    ● AX1N combines the advantages of a microcontroller with the modularity and processing capabilities of a larger PLC.
    ● Modular structure, providing 14 to 128 points of input / output range, and can also add extended special function modules (such as analog input / output).
    ● It has a small size and high-speed operation. Basic instructions: 0.7us / instruction, application instructions: 3.7 to hundreds of us / instruction.
    ● It has rich expansibility of devices and communication.
    ● CPU, power supply, input and output are integrated. The transistor output type has two 100kHz pulse sequences for motor positioning applications.
    ● Display module or function expansion board (communication / analog / input / output) can be installed.
    ● 8000 steps EEPROM program memory, 8000 data registers (no battery backup required).


    Performance specifications 


    project Specification summary
    Power input and output Power Specifications AC power supply type: AC100V ~ 240V DC power supply type: DC24V
    Power consumption * 1 AC power type: 30W (24M), 32W (40M), 35W (60M)
    DC power type: 15W (24M), 18W (40M), 20W (60M)
    electric shock AC power type: max. 30A 5ms / AC100V, max. 50A 5ms / AC200V
    DC power type: max. 25A 1ms / DC24V, max. 22A 0.3ms / DC12V
    24V power supply AC power supply type: DC24V 400mA
    Input specifications DC24V 7mA / 5mA non-voltage contact, or NPN open collector transistor input
    Output specifications Relay output type: 2A / 1 point, 8A / 4 point COM AC250V, DC30V or lower
    transistor output type: 0.5A / 1 point, 0.8A / 4 point COM DC5V ~ DC30V
    I / O extension Can be connected to AX0N and AX2N series input / output expansion devices. By installing a function expansion board, you can expand the input and output of a small number of points or expand the analog input and output.
    performance Program memory Built-in 8,000 steps (without battery-backed EEPROM), comment input, write during RUN, installable storage box with program transfer function (maximum 8,000 steps)
    Clock function Built-in real-time clock (with time setting command, time comparison command, and leap year correction function)
    instruction 27 basic instructions, 2 step ladder instructions, 89 application instructions
    Arithmetic processing speed Basic instructions: 0.55 ~ 0.7μs / instruction, application instructions: 3.7 ~ 100μs / instruction
    High-speed processing I / O refresh instruction, input filter adjustment instruction, input interrupt function, pulse capture function
    Maximum input and output points 128 points
    Auxiliary relay, timer Auxiliary relay: 1,536 points, timer: 256 points
    counter General 16-bit up counter: 200 points, general 32-bit up / down counter: 35 points
    High-speed 32-bit up / down counter: [1 phase] 60kHz / 2 points, 10kHz / 4 points [2 phases] 30kHz / 1 Point, 5kHz / 1 point
    Data register 8,000 points for general use, 16 points for indexing, and files used in the program area can be set up to 7,000 points
    other Analog potentiometer Built-in 2 points, 8 points can be extended by AX1N-8AV-BD type function expansion board
    Function expansion board AX1N- □□□ -BD type function expansion board can be installed
    Special adapter Can be connected via AX1N-CNV-BD
    Special extension 6 types (AX0N-3A, AX2N-16CCL-M, AX2N-32CCL, AX2N-64CL-M, AX2N-16LNK-M, AX2N-32ASI-M)
    Display module Built-in AX1N-5DM. AX-10DM can be installed (also can be directly connected to GOT, ET series human-machine interface)
    Corresponding data communication
    Corresponding data link
    RS-232C, RS-485, RS-422, N: N network, parallel link, computer link, CC-Link, CC-Link / LT, MELSEC-I / O link
    Model selection of peripheral equipment Select "AX1N (C)" or "AX2N (C)", "AX2 (C)". However, there are restrictions when using "AX2N (C)" and "AX2 (C)"

    * 1: Contains the amount of input current (7 mA at one point, or 5 mA).

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