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Thiết bị chống sét, ASP surge protector AM3-20/2 AM3-20/1+NPE AM3-20/4 AM3-20/3+NPE AM3-05D-220 AM3-20/3+NPE-S

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          AM3-20 1+NPE modular power surge protector is designed according to IEC and GB standards. The surge protector has strong surge discharge capability, and the maximum discharge current per bit is 20kA (8 20μs), which is suitable for low-voltage power distribution. The protection at all levels of the system is based on different distribution systems (TT TN IT).
    • High energy surge protection
    • Built-in instantaneous overcurrent disconnect device
    • Remote signaling alarm interface (optional)
    • Pluggable Replacement Modules
    • Failure detection indication
    • The maximum discharge current of a single module is 20kA (8/20μs)
    • Standard Modular Installation
    • Built-in thermal circuit breaker
    • Response speed: 10-9 seconds
    • Plug-in foolproof design

    Product performance parameters:
    model AM3-20/1+NPE
    SPD port one port
    SPD category Combination
    Power Systems TT-TN-IT
    Rated voltage Un 220V
    Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V
    Nominal discharge current In(8/20μs) 10kA
    Maximum discharge current Imax(8/20μs) 20kA
    Protection level UP(8/20μs) <1.5kV
    It is recommended to connect an overcurrent protection device in series 32A/10kA
    Response time ≤25ns
    size 2mods,DIN43880
    Failure indication Green: Normal Red: Failed
    Installation lead cross-sectional area 6-25mm 2
    Installation method 35mm standard rail (EN50022/DIN46277-3)
    Working temperature -40/70℃
    Shell material Plastic, conforms to UL94 V-0
    Shell protection class IP20
    Certification CE RoHS
    Remote signaling alarm Normally open/normally closed contact terminal (optional)
    Cross-sectional area of ​​remote signaling terminal Up to 1.5mm2 single-strand wire/cord
    *Product parameters are subject to the actual product manual.
    The scope of products:
    • AM3-20: Distribution boxes for important electrical equipment in buildings, such as distribution boxes in computer rooms.
    • AM-NPE: suitable for distribution boxes and important equipment distribution boxes in 3+1/1+1 wiring mode



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