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Rơ le bảo vệ động cơ Jiangsu Sfere WDH-31-503

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    When you choose WDH-31-503 (single Modbus-RTU communication protocol) motor protection controller, you need to pay attention to the following 3 points:



    1. When the current specification is 500A, 800A, the price of the above current selection range (except for the additional selection function) includes a set of three

    The only external current transformer, the default model is SHI-ZT40;


    If you choose SHI-ZT60 or SHI-ZT80 external current transformer, you need to increase the cost, please click here


    Link to make up the difference: https://detail.1688.com/offer/41398725714.html



     2. Please judge whether you need WDH-31-50X LCD display module and a 1 meter (2 meters, 3


    M optional) long DB9 serial communication line .


    3, you need to co-opt residual current (leakage) protection feature, which is an optional feature;

    If necessary, choose according to the following requirements:


    When the current I≤100A, an external SHI-ZT30 residual current transformer shall be used , one for each motor.

    When the current I>100A, an external SHI-ZT100 residual current transformer shall be used , one for each motor.



    WDH-31-500 motor protection controller can provide up to 12 programmable switch inputs (dry/wet contact optional), 7


    Programmable relay output, all the inputs and outputs have programmable functions to meet different protection and control requirements on site, all


    The protection function can set the alarm value and the action value at the same time, and can be turned on and off separately. The protection parameters can be electrically driven by professionals according to the scene.


    The actual working conditions of the machine are set, and the power is not lost.




    16 protection functions

    12 programmable switch inputs

    7 programmable relay outputs

     Support anti-shake, self-starting and other functions


    Full Chinese man-machine interface, convenient parameter setting










    Product Composition


    WDH-31-500 series motor protection controller includes the following components:


    1. Protector body


    2. SHI-II three-phase current transformer (protected type, necessary, specifications see table on the right)


    3. WDH-31-50X display module (optional, including connecting cable)


    4. Residual current transformer (optional)


    5. External high current transformer (500A, 800A) Model: SHI-ZT40, 1 set of 3, protective type, specifications: 500A/5A,


    800A/5A, corresponding current specification of motor protector 5A









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